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She who creates her own world - or something like that

My name's Destiny (or Dest). I love watching cartoons, language learning, reading books,

and creating, whether through art or words. I'm an artist and author. I also like

to write my general thoughts about books/movies/cartoons. I'm constantly listening to music, and I enjoy most genres. 

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Artist Bio:

ArtsyDest is a mostly self-taught traditional and digital artist. She loves drawing big pretty eyes, black women, and fashion. Cute things tend to attract her eye the most.


She hopes to leave others with lighthearted feelings after seeing her work.

Author Bio:

D. T. Henderson is a Young Adult and Middlegrade writer. She loves smoothies, language-learning sweet tea, shoujo, and cheesy telenovelas.

At the age of seven, she wanted to live in a library. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, so she now settles for visiting her local library weekly.

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