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Untitled 2024 - '25

YA Fiction | Adventure

Currently in development. 

After a strange encounter, Tyashay escorts young twins on what seems to be a goose-chase.

Coming Soon:

Pretzel Bites (Short Story) [2024]

  • Contemporary | Middle Grade

La'kea and Firedude (working title); in development

  • YA Fiction| Adventure

Key & Zan Comic (2024); 

  • Contemporary|Urban Fantasy

Pretzel Bites

Middle Grade | Contemporary

"Shenanigans ensue when little boys assume!"

It's almost time for the Harvest Festival! Arii Daniels should be excited to participate in this year's festival dance number. She can finally join the teen division. But she gets suspicious when she gets partnered with Xavier, the best male dancer.

When she finds out the partnership has been rigged, she's furious! And a little scared. Will the big performance be a disaster? What made Xavier do this?

Yolk's on Me

YA Fiction | Contemporary 

Mauve’s a little needy. But could you blame her? She’s the daughter of an actress and a circus clown – craving attention is in her blood. Unfortunately, her attempt to dazzle the popular kids ends in pity and disaster. She has never been one to give up. When she gets invited to an influencer-star studded birthday party, she knows this is her big break. The only one stopping Mauve is Mauve, and she can’t handle any more egg on her face.

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Dreaded Dinner Party

MG Fiction| Adventure 

Who would want to sabotage a dinner party? Normally, Curi Andrews would not care to find out. However, when a nasty couple comes for her parents’ reputation, Curi can’t just ignore it. She’s going to stop them with or without help!


With party-planning, sweet dinner rolls, and even a fight between friends, Curi learns more about the people around her and the reason why her parents throw so many parties. No one is perfect, but will the people Curi idolize disappoint her? Will she ever learn to speak up? Will she be forced to follow in her parents’ party-throwing footsteps?

Dreaded Dinner Party Cover 2021.jpg

Moody: A Collection of Short Stories

All Ages Fiction  

A collection of short stories featuring friendship, self-consciousness, love, and even ice.

moody book cover 2813 x 4500.jpg

Short Stories

Year 4 (YA Fiction)

"Amour's been sent to her room with no dinner just for telling the truth."


15 Minute Writer's Prompt (YA Fiction; Sci-fi)

"There was no telling what thoughts would come from the machine."


Wait, Isn't That a Proverb? (Faith-based; Comic)

"Lighthearted, loose interpretations from the book of Proverbs."

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