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75 This or That Questions Answered

These questions came from Conversation Starters World. I thought this would be a fun blog post. With all of life's hard questions, sometimes, it's nice to be able to answer the easy ones.

1. Dog or Cat?


2. Netflix or YouTube?

Youtube! The selection is so much wider from music to cute videos of babies to content creators.

3. Phone Call or Text?

Texting! I don’t like talking aimlessly on the phone. I usually like to have an idea what I’m calling about and get to the point, but texting feels so much more casual. I can text about work or random memes. The conversation doesn’t stall. I can pop in with a random topic at any time of day.

4. Toast or Eggs?

Eggs. Gotta be scrambled.

5. Cardio or Weights?


6. Facebook or Twitter?


7. Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone?

Ice cream cone. I used to love the drumstick ice cream that had hidden chocolate toward the bottom.

8. Mobile Games or Console Games?

Console games. A lot of mobile games are pay to play/microtransactions. While I like having a game to play when idling or waiting in line, I much prefer a console game.

9. While walking: Music or Podcasts?

Music. Feel like I’m in a movie and the soundtrack’s playing.

10. iOS or Android?

Android. I don’t get too caught up with the phone systems stuff.

11. Form or Function?


12. Pop or Indie?

Both. I just like music.

13. Cake or Pie?

Cake though cheesecake is my favorite. It has “cake” in its name, but it feels too much like pie.

14. Swimming or Sunbathing?


15. High-tech or Low-tech?


16. Big Party or Small Gathering?

Small gathering with people I enjoy

17. New Clothes or New Phone?

New clothes

18. Rich Friend or Loyal Friend?

Loyal friend

19. Football or Basketball?


20. Work Hard or Play Hard?

I’m a hardworker, but I’ll go with “play hard.” We should be enjoying life.

21. Nice Car or Nice Home Interior?

Nice Home Interior. When it comes to cars, I just want something that drives well and doesn’t break down. It doesn’t have to be cosmetically pretty.

22. What’s worse: Laundry or Dishes?

Dishes. Soggy plates with remains of half-eaten food. Ugh. Laundry’s fine. It’s the folding clothes that gets tedious.

23. Jogging or Hiking?


24. Bath or Shower?

Both! Baths for relaxation. Showers for all other purposes.

25. Sneakers or Sandals?


26. Glasses or Contacts?

Glasses. The idea of putting something in my eye kind of scares me. But I would like to try contacts one day.

27. Hamburger or Taco?

Taco. Tacos are my favorite food.

28. Couch or Recliner?


29. Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store?

Shopping in a store for clothes, so I can make sure everything fits. Shopping online for everything else.

30. Receive: Email or Letter?

Letters? If I get a letter in the mail, that isn’t a bill, it usually means a birthday card. <3

31. Passenger or Driver?

Driver. Because I drive safely! I don’t like being held hostage by reckless drivers lol

32. Tablet or Computer?


33. Most important in a partner: Intelligent or Funny?

Intelligent. I can make myself laugh.

34. Car or Truck?


35. Blue or Red?


36. Money or Free Time?

Free time

37. Amusement Park or Day at the Beach?

Amusement park

38. At a movie: Candy or Popcorn?


39. Pen or Pencil?


40. Toilet paper: Over or Under?

Over... idk I don't think too consciously about it.

41. Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down?

Upside down

42. Pancake or Waffle?

iHop pancakes.

43. Coke or Pepsi?


44. Coffee Cup or Thermos?

Thermos, I guess.

45. Blinds or Curtain?


46. Train or Plane?

Can’t say. I’ve never been on either.

47. Phone or Phablet?


48. Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee?

I don’t drink much coffee to have a preference. Iced coffee probably

49. Meat or Vegetables?


50. International Vacation or a New TV?

International vacation

51. Save or Spend?

Spend. I save a lot, but spending money is fun (for things you want).

52. Honesty or Other’s Feelings?

Both. I tell the truth with tact. It’s all in the delivery.

53. Coffee or Tea?

Tea! Sweet tea forever.

54. TV or Book?


55. Movie at Home or Movie at the Theater?

Movies at home, but I love movie theater speakers.

56. Ocean or Mountains?


57. Horror Movie or Comedy Movie?

Comedy movies. I don’t watch horror movies.

58. City or Countryside?


59. Winter or Summer?

Summer, my favorite season!

60. Mac or PC?

PC. I’ve never had a Mac as of now.

61. Console Gaming or PC Gaming?

Console gaming. I have a Switch that I play all my games on.

62. Soup or Sandwich?

Sandwich all day, every day

63. Card Game or Board Game?

Board game

64. Classical Art or Modern Art?

Modern art

65. Beer or Wine?


66. Camping or Binge-Watching Shows at Home?

Binge-watching TV shows at home. One winter break I watched FMA: Brotherhood for the first time in like 3 days. During Thanksgiving break, I relived Sister Sister. When a show’s really engaging, it’s hard to put it down.

67. Working Alone or Working in a Team?

Both. I like working alone on my art and writing, but I like working in a team for anything else. Two heads are better than one.

68. Dine In or Delivery?

Take-out. :p

69. Sweater or Hoodie?

Hoodie! Anyone who knows me, knows I love hoodies.

70. Comic Book or Comic Strips?

Comic book

71. Motorcycle or Bicycle?


72. Book or eBook?

Book but I’m not against eBooks.

73. When sleeping: Fan or No Fan?

No fan. I don’t want to wake up with a stuffy nose.


75. TV Shows or Movies?

Tv shows if only because I don’t like the time commitment a movie takes. You’ve to set aside at least an hour.

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