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Behind the Scenes: Yolk's on Me

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

So ... During winter vacation (because I didn't write a single, non-college-related thing in the previous months of quarantine), I finally wrote another story. It's a YA fiction short story called, "Yolk's on Me." I'm working on a cover now, and I want to keep an egg theme for obvious reasons. Gudetama's orangey-yellow is perfect.

With having to do everything myself, I've more appreciation for art directors now. I'm trying to get feedback on the designs, but ultimately I've to make the final choice. I think I have an idea of how I want the MC to look like, but I'm still playing around. This is both a tedious and fun process.

Anyway, the next update you get from me will be in 2021!

May this new year be joyful! <3

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